Posted by Carissa Clayton on Sep 13 2020 at 12:12PM PDT

Hi Parents

I heard back from Mr. Atohi and he explained that he is not in charge of the tickets for this weeks game because it is an away game. Newberry is in charge of selling tickets. I did find them on GoFan but they did not have the game posted yet. Please keep checking Newberry High School on the GoFan app.

With that being said the link for the Santa Fe game will be active on Monday.


2020-09-13T17:58:00.000-07:00September 13 2020, at 05:58 PM PDT, Helaria Brooks said:

I am confused on how we keep an eye out for Newberry to post the link for tickets

2020-09-14T05:14:20.000-07:00September 14 2020, at 05:14 AM PDT, Elena Anderson said:

I have asked and they are only selling tickets at the gate. You will not see it posted. They are $7 each. I hope this helps.

2020-09-14T07:05:49.000-07:00September 14 2020, at 07:05 AM PDT, Patrick Gurley said:

@Brooks, you have to search the school, Newberry, or Santa Fe on the Go Fan app.

In this case for Newberry it sounds like they are just selling tickets at the gate so it will not show up on the app.

Sante Fe currently only has varsity games on the app

2020-09-14T07:33:31.000-07:00September 14 2020, at 07:33 AM PDT, Shaveena Washington said:

Good morning I just called Newberry High School and they will be selling tickets at the gate for the JV football game. She said they aren’t doing pre-sale tickets for JV sports. Kick off time is 6:30pm and it’s $10 per ticket no matter the age.