Posted by Carissa Clayton on Sep 11 2021 at 10:21AM PDT

Good Afternoon Bobcats

Usually I would be sending our weekly update on Monday but I had to address what happened last evening. Before I do that I want to congratulate our JV team and coaches for beating Columbia this week (we don’t remember that last time we beat this team) and our Varsity boys for taking home the Friday Night Lights trophy and winning the first half of the city championship with their win over Eastside last night.

That brings me to the reason for this email. I know this was our first home game and of course we have to work out the kinks but last night we had a total failure. I understand that the game was late and with the lightening delay later than usual but we had four people sign up to help clean up concessions and NO ONE stayed to help. I was told one parent came down at 8:30 to try to help but was told it doesn’t happen until after the game. It should only take 30 minutes for clean up if everyone shows up and helps. We didn’t leave Citizens Field until 11:45 last night. I had to stop Coach Whitt and ask him for help because I was the only member of the football team standing there at the end of the game. I don’t ever sign up for things on the sign up genius because I’m already there so imagine if I didn’t wait around to help. In fact Pete and I were there at 10 am to meet the Pepsi truck, came back at noon to drop off the grill and concessions, back at 4:30 to set up concessions before the game and in between that we did pregame and packing up the trailer for the team. After Pete helped pack up the gear for the football team after the game he came over and helped, Coach Whitt asked two of his coaches and our trainer to stay back and help me. This is not their job to do and I was so grateful for their help. Plus the ladies from the wrestling team also helped and they are only supposed to cook and run concessions, not set up or clean up. That is the Football teams job but last night we didn’t do that.

This coming week I am concerned because I will not be there Friday night. I will be leaving Friday morning to head to Texas to watch my oldest son play with his team. As of right now we barely have anyone signed up to help for Friday night. I am hoping some parents that have had experience with setup and clean can please sign up and assist the new parents to pull off next weeks game. We have over 110 players between the two teams and about 15-20 parents do the majority of the volunteering and work. Please come along side this team because without our volunteering this doesn’t work. The more parents that help, the quicker the process. For the parents that are our constants, thank you so much because we could not do it without you! We cannot let what happened last night happen again. Please sign up if you can help us next week.

I will be sending out our usual email this Monday with this weeks ticket info and game info. Thank you for your attention to this lengthy email. Have a great rest of your weekend.

Go Bobcats


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