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Good Evening Bobcats,

I’m sorry to report that the efforts to secure another team to play tomorrow night was not successful. This surely is not the way we wanted to start the season If you purchased tickets through GoFan they will be refunded. It usually takes a week or so to receive the refund.

Go Bobcats!

Good Evening Bobcats

I was just notified by Coach Whittemore that Trinity Catholic has cancelled the Varsity game for tomorrow night. The entire coaching staff is working on a replacement and will notify us as soon as possible if another team is willing to play us tomorrow night. I will update you as soon as I hear back.


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Posted by Carissa Clayton at Aug 25, 2021 4:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Hi Parents

I just received the following message from Bill Califf in regards to your players pictures:

Good Evening Carissa,

Today, we became aware of an ongoing issue with our online ordering system that we were unaware of. After working with our vendor, the access codes should now be working, but just in case – can you please forward all parents this link and a universal code that will give them access to the gallery? We fear we have lost business due to this problem. Let them know we have solved the technical issue and have extended the coupon to this Sunday, August 29th.

the link is and the access code they will type in is: BHSfoot21

Thank you so much


Posted by Carissa Clayton at Aug 25, 2021 1:54PM PDT ( 1 Comment )

Hi Bobcats,

Please read through this email as there is a ton of information here and instead of sending multiple emails I am putting it all in one.

This week Varsity will be heading to Ocala to take on Trinity Catholic at 7pm. The ticket are being sold through GoFan and here is the website link:

If you don’t have a GoFan account you can download the app and you can purchase and receive your tickets through there as well. Just search for Buchholz and make sure you click on the correct game because all sports are listed.

We are also in need of help to serve pregame and also on Varsity game day at Citizens field. Both Varsity and JV games are listed for pregame. Please check dates to make sure you are volunteering for the correct game. The other signup s our needs for Varisty home games. If you are able to volunteer please click the link below:



JV does not have a game this week. There was talk about a possible scrimmage tomorrow but Coach Kade had not confirmed yet and he stated he will notify players tonight if there is a scrimmage tomorrow. Also, please remember that JV will NOT have Friday practice during the season because all coaches travel with the Varsity team.

Next, if you have not ordered pictures yet for your son, today is the last day to receive a discount. You can either access your son’s pctures from the card he received on picture day or use the following link with BHSfoot21 as the access code:

Also, if you would like to include you son in the Varsity program with a player ad please fill out the player ad form under the documents tab and send to me no later than August 31st.

I am in need of some help to clean out our locker at Citizens Field. Most of it will be removed and thrown away since it has been sitting for two years so if you have a truck that we can throw stuff into and transport around the front of the field to the dumsters that would be so helpful. The issue is that it must be done during the week during school hours. If you are able to help please text or call Carissa 352-359-7014 and we can schedule a convenient time for everyone.


For players that have not paid their Fairshare please make sure to do that as soon as possible as season has already begun. You can either send in a check with your son or pay online on the website under Player Fees.


If your player has not already done so please have him bring the monies collected from the sales and or the remaining cards. For any Varsity parent that did not get a discount card and would like to purchase one please let me know as I still have a few left. They are $20 and full of free items and discounts.


One of the JV moms is putting together a group chat for JV parents. If you woud like to be included please text Jolyn Herzog-Martinez at 954-376-9377 and she will send you the invite link.


Baker Sports is offering team jerseys that you can put your sons name and number on. You can either do a gold jersey or black jersey. I will include a pcture of the jersey in this email. They are $40 and have youth, women and men sizes from small to 3XL If you are interested I will be placing an order on August 31st. Please let me know as soon as possible. Please also have your son confirm his number with his coach as sometimes they change before season starts (so the number they wore in the puctures may not be the number they wear in the games)

So excited as we start this new season!
Go Bobcats!


Hi Parents,

Tomorrow nights game is at Zephyrhills Christian Academy not Zephyrhills High at 7pm. If you click on the calendar it shows you the address of the high school which is 34927 Eiland Blvd, Zephyrhills, FL 33541.

Also JV parents the players will not have practice on Fridays from here on out because JV Coaches travel with the Varsity team on game days.